Jiri Horak recently made it to the finals of the World Series of Poker “Colossus II event.” Horak was up against Ben Keeline, but ultimately lost.

Horak’s friends thought otherwise. (The river is at 1:37)

That’s just brutal. Horak isn’t even looking at the cards and his friends go crazy thinking he’d won, only to find out that wasn’t the case.

The poker star seemed to understand he didn’t win even if his friends thought otherwise. Horak mostly knew his and Keeline’s cards without even looking and remembered that there had already been three spades on the table, meaning Keeline needed one more for a flush no matter what it was. While his friends thought he won due to grabbing an Ace and completing two pair, he needed it to not be a non spade Ace because it completed Keeline’s flush.

Despite the disappointment in his friends and confusion that occurred, Horak still raked in $618,000 for finishing second in the $565 buy-in tournament. The “Colossus II” tournament was the second biggest live tournament in history.

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