Police chases can be very exciting. The easiest way to fall into an internet rabbit hole is by looking up ‘crazy police chase’ on YouTube and then proceeding to go crazy and watch every single video.

Seriously these videos are amazing.

The thing is, though, the majority of them end with the cars being driven off the road or the offenders tackled to the ground.

However this week, a police chase in Surf City, North Carolina ended very differently when 20-year-old Zachary Kingsbury jumped into the ocean and was suddenly face to face with a shark.

Kingsbury was originally pulled over when police noticed illegal contraband in his car, according to WRAL. At that point, the 20-year-old began to run off to the nearby ocean, dove in, and began swimming away from the officers who followed him to the edge.

Kingsburg kept on swimming away from shore as a police drone followed him from high above. As he got further out, police spotted a shark close to the 20-year-old.

Via WRAL.com, here’s some video from the police drone. We have not been able to spot the shark.

After Kingsbury managed to get about 4,000 feet off shore, the Coast Guard finally was able to scoop him up a whole three hours after he dove in. Luckily, that was before he became shark bait.

Kingsburg is currently under police custody at Pender County Jail awaiting the next step in the process. That sounds a little bit better than being chomped into pieces by a shark.


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