People love to have fun in the snow and a man from Montreal sure had some fun during a recent snowstorm.

33-year-old artist Simon Laprise made a full-size replica of a Delorean DMC-12 out of snow and put it on the street to make it look like it was an actual snow covered car that was illegally parked. In a nice touch, Laprise found a windshield wiper and put that on the fake windshield to complete the illusion.

After a while, police showed up looking to tow the vehicle away. And after the officer noticed the car was fake, they “wrote a ticket” getting the joke and showing their appreciation.

The note on the ticket read, “You made our night hahahahaha :)”

Eventually, a snow plow took out the snow-filled Delorean but I wonder what’s in the mind of the snowplow driver coming up on a snow covered car. For all that person knows, that’s an actual car because it looks realistic until you get up close. Did the snowplow driver maneuver around the car or did they just literally plow through it? And if they did, what was their reaction finding out that they just hit snow? Those are the kinds of questions I want answers to.

[Fox 32]

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