A man in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts drove his car into a pond on Friday, and he blames the GPS directions.

According to Fox 25 Boston, Daniel Alley was driving his Jeep Patriot around 1:30 AM to drop off a passenger in West Dennis, when his Garmin GPS told him to keep going straight. Well, “straight” took him right into Swan Pond.

Police said that Daniel Alley was driving a Jeep Patriot from Hyannis to the passenger’s summer home in West Dennis around 1:30 a.m. He told police he was using a Garmin GPS because he wasn’t familiar with the area. 

According to Alley, the GPS told him to continue going straight, and that took him into Swan Pond at the end of Lake Road. 

When officers arrived, they saw the Jeep about 100 feet off shore, almost completely submerged. 

Lake Road probably should’ve been a giveaway.

Fox 25 also adds the police discovered that Alley’s license had been revoked (perhaps this explains more!), and he was “cited with operating a motor vehicle with a revoke license. ”

And if this sort of story sounds familiar to you, there’s a good chance it’s because of Michael Scott having this same situation happen in Season 4 of The Office.

People driving into things thanks to following GPS directions was also a topic on Top Gear:

Technology is great, but it clearly wasn’t meant for everyone.

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