We’ve all likely seen someone at Walmart that we couldn’t believe “went out of the house in that outfit.” Heck, there’s an entire website devoted to such events playing out at Walmart locations all over the United States.

A group of teenagers hoping to capture a pic or 20 of a woman’s dress in an upstate New York Walmart turned very violent over the 4th of July weekend, according to Rochester’s WHEC.

That’s because once the family of the woman who was the subject of the snapped photos confronted the teens about what they were doing, a huge 30-person brawl broke out.

The melee became so violent and so intense that trash cans were seen flying through the air and one teenager cracked some 52-year-old man’s skull open with a can of food.

The teen in question was taken into custody at the scene of the brawl and is facing felony second-degree assault charges as a result.

Local police chief Jim VanBrederode even described the scene as “total chaos” when the officers arrived at the Walmart to break up the brawl.

All of this happened because some teenagers believed taking pictures and making fun of a lady’s outfit was a bright idea. Perhaps there are just some things better off left unsaid, but these people are going to find that out the hard way apparently.

Overall, there were three people arrested at the store and Chief VanBrederode has a warning for others involved in the incident.

“If you’re in that video, you ought to be looking over your shoulder,” he told WHEC. “It’s just a matter of time before we come knocking on some doors.”


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