When it comes to proposing, doing it over FaceTime is usually frowned upon. It is especially not advised when attempting to FaceTime while dangling from a cliff.

Michael Banks had to be rescued by a helicopter off Morro Rock in California. Hanging from 600 feet above the ground off the side of the rocky terrain after getting stuck in a ledge while proposing to his girlfriend over Facetime.

This proposal is going to cost Banks a little more than he probably budgeted for initially.

“The gentleman will be billed for the chopper ride and other related costs,” the City of Morro Bay said in a statement to ABC News. “We are glad all involved are OK, and appreciate the hard work of our first responders. Climbing Morro Rock is illegal and dangerous. We hope folks will choose to view it from below, saving themselves and our fire responders time and money and protecting everyone’s safety.”

Banks was arrested for alleged drug possessions and was witnessed acting under the influence. He was held on a $10,000 bond as well.

But hey, she said yes.

[ABC News] [photo: ABC News]

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