A Tulsa, OK gentlemen’s club looks to keep their service going during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that can’t happen with it being a nonessential business (though some people would argue otherwise). However, the club has proposed turning the business into a drive-thru service, while taking the proper safety precautions.

Jason Giddens, general manager of Lipstick Cabaret and the Landing Strip, hopes to be able to offer a service in which customers can drive through a large tent and receive a private dance without leaving their car. The operation would keep social distancing in mind; every dancer would be at least six feet away from the car, and customers would have to keep their car windows up.

Here’s more, via the Tulsa World:

“As your girls would come in to get ready, I would check their temperature anyway, so as to protect the girls from the girls,” Giddens said. “Plus, it’s really important for protecting them from the public.”

“You would have different sections,” Giddens said. “The first area would be where, I guess, you’re going to choose which girl do you want to be entertained by, or girls.

“It would be 10 minutes. Every dancer would have to be at least six feet away from the car. The customer has to have their windows up, and it’s just a dance.”

Well, you have to at least respect the creativity here. And as Giddens notes, there are a lot of dancers currently without a job, with “90%” of the dancers at his clubs being single parents.

Eighty to 100 dancers are employed at the two clubs, Giddens said, and 90% of them are single parents.

“And the ones that aren’t, they have no foundation at all to fall back on,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons they do this job because there is nobody they can fall back on. All they have is themselves … so it’s a pretty bad deal for them.”

Tulsa city councilor Connie Dodson has been in contact with the club operators, and admits respecting the creativity of the idea, but thinks the “nonessential business” concerns will ultimately stand in the way.

“I have a feeling I am going to be told ‘No’ because it is not an essential business,” Dodson said.

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