Sharks are not friends and they are not food, contrary to what Finding Nemo may tell you.

Oh wait – the line is actually “fish are friends, not food”! Actually, they are both friends and food because dammit, I love sushi.

Anyway, sharks aren’t friends and aren’t food either, and that’s proving to be the case in Orange County, California. A couple people were out paddle boarding when all of the sudden, the police showed up because SHARKS ALSO SHOWED UP.

I once got caught in a riptide and had no idea what to do. So if I was on a paddle board and there were 15 great white sharks near me, I would’ve just called it a life.

Luckily, I don’t have to because I was not one of those paddle boarders.

Also, the replies to this tweet from ABC News were fantastic.

[ABC News]

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