Just when you thought you had the most dysfunctional family ever, you read a story like this and realize that you aren’t even close.

The parents of a 30-year-old New York man were at their wits end trying to get him to move out. And after they were unsuccessful, sued to get him evicted from the house. According to court filings, the parents of Michael Rotondo have been trying to get him out of the house. After five notes complete with deadlines, with set dates to move out, offering $1,100 as a start to find a place and offering help to find a place and a job, Mark and Christina Rotondo figured out that Michael wasn’t taking the hint and got the law involved.

Michael seemingly represented himself and even though he impressed State Supreme Court Justice¬†Donald Greenwood by arguing he should be given six months before vacating, the judge said it was “outrageous” and ruled in favor of the parents. Michael called the ruling “outrageous” and planned to appeal the ruling.

The economy and job market has been bad for a while and has especially been a bad time for younger people. And as a result, many millennials have been living with their parents. But there’s a difference between living at home and saving money to one day move out and being a complete freeloader like this guy seemed to be doing. It didn’t seem like Michael had a job, only telling reporters that he has a business but “My business is my business.”

Maybe after being forced out and needing to find a new place, it would motivate Michael to get a job. If he spent as much time in finding a job as he was trying to legally fight his parents, he should be able to find a job in no time.

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