This is probably the most Canadian thing in the history of Canadian things.

Courtesy of Instagram user Aim4Apex, real name James Callaghan, and aided by Reddit user HellToupee (what a name), this picture of a man driving up to a Tim Horton’s on a Zamboni with “BarDown” written on the side is now going viral, and we owe it to you to help it reach even more computer screens.

“This picture was taken in Stony Plain yesterday by my friend who described it as quite possibly ‘the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen in my life,’” HeIIToupee wrote. “I think I will use it to describe Canada to my international friends.”

“I was just driving by and happened to look over and spot it,” Callaghan told Yahoo News Canada. “I thought it was a promotion or something at first, but I didn’t see any media or anything else around and he just went through [the drive-thru] and took off.”

Stony Plain, Alberta, where the picture was taken, is a suburb of Edmonton, just in case this picture wasn’t Canadian enough already.

Maybe this is too focused on Canadian stereotypes, but these are lovable Canadian stereotypes, so how could anyone hate on this amazing picture that is in fact peak Canada? It’s impossible.

[Yahoo Canada]

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