Charles M. Schulz’s famed Peanuts comic strip and its various adaptations have always had plenty of sports references, from Lucy regularly pulling the football away from Charlie Brown to the trials and tribulations of the characters’ baseball team and beyond. Now, lacrosse equipment and apparel retailer Lacrosse Unlimited has signed a partnership with the Peanuts brand. That will feature Peanuts characters Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown with lacrosse equipment on a limited-edition set of T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, hats, and lacrosse balls. Here are some quotes from a release:

“Everyone knows and loves the Peanuts gang, which is why we are really excited about this collab,” says Lacrosse Unlimited Creative Director, Rob Rimmer. “Peanuts is a classic, family brand that’s loved by many, which is why it makes a perfect fit for Lacrosse Unlimited. We hope that our fans have as much fun sporting the new line as we did creating it.”

…“The Peanuts collection gear will make a great gift this holiday season,” said Rimmer. “Even for the lacrosse fanatic that thinks they have everything!”  

Some of the items involved in this can be seen together at the top of this post. Here’s a more detailed look at them from the collaboration’s page on the Lacrosse Unlimited website:

Apparel from the Peanuts-Lacrosse Unlimited collection.
While there are certainly plenty of Peanuts merchandising partnerships out there already, it’s interesting to see a lacrosse-focused one, and to see the ability to buy lacrosse-focused apparel featuring Snoopy and more. The items in this collection will be available through Lacrosse Unlimited’s website and their retail stores for a limited time.

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