We in the U.S. like to think we can put back a few drinks. But none of us has anything on Queen Elizabeth II.

It was recently revealed how much Her Majesty drinks in a day. The details are astounding and make me want to turn up with this 90-year-old.

She gets started right before lunch, enjoying a gin and Dubonnet (a wine-based liqueur) with lemon and lots of ice, then a glass of wine with her meal. A few hours later, she has a dry martini, followed by a glass of Champagne in the evening (there are eight different Champagne producers at the palace including Bollinger, Krug, Lanson, and Pol Roger, which was also served at William and Kate’s wedding).

Right before lunch? Atta way, Queen. Gin is quite a way to kick off the afternoon. But when in England, I guess?

Some might be concerned that she is an alcoholic, but I wouldn’t worry about it. She’s 90, and wouldn’t you drink a lot too if you had to act that regal all the time?

All I know is the next time the Queen is in the States, I will try and be there to buy this fine lady a drink. She deserves it.


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