Every year, Apple launches a new iOS operating system on their iPhone and iPad devices. This year, the company is up to iOS 11 and explained many of the new features during its developers keynote presentation Monday.

One such feature is an option called “screen recording.” You can currently take screenshots of what’s on your Apple device by holding down the home and power button at the same time but this would allow you to actually record video.

That’s great and all, and definitely will make things a lot easier for people to capture video. There’s just one unintended consequence that could create a very dangerous situation.

Snapchat allows people to send photos and short clips to as many or as few people as possible and the app’s big selling point is that whatever you post is meant to be temporary. And if someone were to get a screenshot of your pic or clip, you would receive a notification telling you who did that. Apple’s screen recording feature in iOS 11 is configured in a way that you could capture snaps via screen recording and that person who posted the clip will not receive a notification.

It’s unknown whether or not this was simply unintended or a new feature but thankfully iOS 11 is currently in developer mode and won’t be released to the public until sometime this fall. So surely Apple will disable whatever it is that’s not causing notifications to send and Snapchat will be able to create an update that would send notifications within screen recording mode. That’s the entire point of letting developers have access to operating systems before the general public, so things like this can be taken care of before it’s too late.

[Mic/Photo: The Verge]

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