I guess when you live in a Russian town near the Arctic Circle, it’s not as surprising to see someone driving around in an armored personnel carrier. Having said that, it’s still something to see someone take that vehicle and plow it into a storefront for some wine.

A man from the town of Apatity, Russia decided to go on a joyride in an armored personnel carrier. An armored personnel carrier looks like a tank but is different in that an armored personnel carrier is more for transport rather than a tank, which is designed with weaponry in mind and can blast explosives.

According to Reuters, local townspeople said the man appeared drunk as he stole the vehicle from a training ground. He then drove it through the town, crushed a nearby car, turned into the front of a shop, climbed out and stole a bottle of wine.

Nothing was said about stealing a vehicle, but the unidentified man was arrested for being “in possession of a stolen bottle of wine.” I had to laugh when it was pointed out that the shop was not licensed to sell alcohol at the time of the accident. Well call me old fashioned, but when someone drives into a store to steal a bottle of wine, I don’t think the shop owner was selling the person any wine.


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