Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners knew all too well about the vulnerabilities of their phone battery catching fire. Apparently, Samsung learned that as well as one of their factories caught fire in China.

Reported as a “minor fire,” 19 fire trucks and 110 firefighters put out the blaze in Tianjin. The cause of the fire was a result of discarded Note 7 batteries. They were the same type of batteries that forced Samsung to recall all Note 7’s for possible explosions.

The fire was reportedly in an area of the factory that placed waste and production wasn’t affected in most areas of the factory. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

This comes off the heels of Samsung having to recall every Note 7 a few months ago because of the lithium-ion batteries catching on fire. Originally, the phones were recalled for replacement Note 7’s but after a similar issue surfaced, the replacements were also recalled. The recall only affected Note 7’s and not for any other Samsung phone.

And the fire shouldn’t be an issue to future production. Samsung’s factories are about to start production on the Samsung S8 and it will be business as usual with the company.

[Reuters/Photo: Jeremy Van Camp]

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