Two youngsters from Wisconsin traveled all the way to California to scale the Golden Gate Bridge and perform some daredevil stunts. However, they made the classic teenager mistake of bragging about breaking the law by publishing a six-minute video of their stunts on YouTube.

While the video is insanely impressive and will surely give you sweaty palms just watching, it has also landed Peter “Teatime” Kurer, 18, and Tommy Rector, 21, in legal trouble.

According to, he Marin County District Attorney has charged the duo with two misdemeanors: trespassing and climbing a toll bridge. So they’ll head cross-country to the West Coast once more for arraignment on Sept. 12. Kurer and Rector are also facing a civil suit brought by the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District for unspecified monetary damages for trespassing and acting as a public nuisance for profit.

These two men are not the first to scale the Golden Gate Bridge, and others in the past have faced stiff consequences for their antics.

From SF Weekly:

A man who was caught climbing the bridge four years ago — and who was required to travel for work — was forced to undergo a career change as a result of his crime. “When the investigation was completed, our federal partners placed the individual on a Do Not Fly list, which resulted in that person losing their job,” said Priya David Cameron, spokesperson for the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.

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