It still doesn’t feel quite natural to be watching and obsessing over sports, but the games go on whether we’re ready for them to or not.

Last night there were four NBA matchups, including an emotional homecoming, plus an NFL divisional contest, a White House visit and plenty of news from around the sports world.

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet.

Dwyane Wade returns to Miami

Months after shocking the NBA by signing with his hometown Chicago Bulls, Wade was in Miami on Thursday to face the team he played with for 13 seasons.

The Heat played a tribute to Wade on the American Airlines Arena video board, and the Miami fans (rightfully) treated the guard like a returning hero. Wade did not have a particularly good game—13 points on 5-17 shooting—but that was beside the point. For that matter, so was the fact that the Bulls beat the Heat 98-95 in a game that was close from start to finish.

This is a helluva tribute video:

Whew, it’s getting dusty in here.

It’s still pretty weird to see Wade in a Bulls uniform, but that’s how it goes in an era when NBA stars really like to move around.

Any final thoughts, Dwyane?

The Browns are so bad

It turns out that the Browns’ futility isn’t limited to Sundays. They’re equally bad on any day ending in Y.

Cleveland’s abysmal season continued Thursday night with a 28-7 loss to the Ravens. The Browns actually led 7-6 at halftime before replacing quarterback Cody Kessler with Josh McCown for no good reason and promptly losing the second half by a score of 22-0.

Here’s a comparison of the two quarterbacks’ lines:

Kessler: 11-19, 91 yards, one touchdown
McCown: 6-13, 59 yards, two interceptions, one fumble lost

Kessler isn’t going to the Hall of Fame with those stats, but they’re at least passable. And as soon as Hue Jackson swapped him out for McCown, this happened:

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