Pantomime horse race

Pantomime is a quintessentially British form of musical theater (or theatre, rather), often performed around the winter holidays, and there’s usually a horse.

In London for the past seven years, they’ve been putting pantomime horse costumes to good use outside the proper pantomimes; with a race around the city to various pubs to raise funds for charity, of course!

22 pairs of people in costumes raced a quarter of a mile through the streets of London’s Greenwich neighbourhood Sunday, stopping at pubs along the way and raising money for The Sick Children’s Trust. They represented different countries, too, as part of the “United Neightions” theme. In the end, Richard Pearson and his son James, representing “Team Mexico,” were declared the winners. As per the race’s website, their team name was “Gus Fring,” so they really broke bad there. That’s a pretty good horse name, even if other entrants like Scotland’s “Horsey McHorseface,” America’s “Sugar Lump Trump,” Finland’s “Hot To Trot,” New Zealand’s “Willie Fisterbottom” and Wales “Custard The Dragon Horse” sound even better. Australia’s “Neddy Kelly” also deserves recognition for raising the most money, 590 pounds. And the race deserves recognition for this great promo featuring Brian Blessed:

In any case, this is the best and most active pantomime horses have looked since they were secret agents:

[NBC News Channel/KOB 4 Albuquerque]

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