We in North America don’t know a lot about badminton other than what we learned in gym class. But we do know greatness when we see it, and folks, this badminton rally between Denmark and Japan at the 2016 Dubai World Superseries Finals is greatness.

You’re going to want to especially pay attention to the shorter guy on Denmark (in black).


The highlight is obviously the guy’s incredible all-out dive to keep the point alive, but let’s not lose sight of the degree of difficulty on his no-look, over-the-shoulder return a second later or the fact that he hit four shots while sitting on the ground (Shouldn’t his partner have been helping out here?).

Who’s the best athlete you’ve ever seen? Michael Jordan? LeBron James? Tiger Woods? Roger Federer? Mike Trout? Well, could any of them do what Danish-dude-in-black just did? I don’t think so.

Yeah, we should probably mention that Denmark actually lost this point, but that doesn’t take away from our man’s remarkable acrobatics. Now that’s an athlete.

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