Cricket is a wonderful sport played around the world and it doesn’t get nearly the attention in America that it should. Sure, there are pockets of cricket fans across the United States, but not nearly enough that most American sports websites dedicate coverage to the sport. And that’s a shame.

Sadly, this won’t make those American fans of the sport jump for joy, as “hey look, a story on cricket” is actually “hey look, two teammates totally just smashed into each other, so let’s watch it happen!”

Zimbabwe knocked Scotland out of the ICC World Twenty20 tournament, but not before one of their batsmen totally knocked out another. The colliding teammates are Vusi Sibanda and Hamilton Masakadza, batsmen for the Zimbabwe team that ousted Scotland by 11 runs on Thursday. Masakadza is seen in the video needing medical treatment, so let’s add the requisite “we hope he is alright” as we refresh the video and watch the collision again and again.

Cricket isn’t super popular in the United States, but if there are more crashes like this, maybe it will be! (In all honesty, despite the fact matches take days—literally days—to complete, it’s a really wonderful sport that deserves more attention than two teammates crashing into each other. We grant that)

And by the way, this is precisely the reason why baseball only allows one guy to carry a bat on the field at a time.

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