Why spend so much of your hard-earned money on a fancy home security system when all you need is a toilet with a seat cover? One man in Michigan has a toilet seat cover to thank for alerting his attention to an intruder in his home.

A man living alone in Traverse City, Michigan noticed the toilet seat in his bathroom was left down, which was unusual since the man tends to leave the seat up. Naturally, right?  After realizing the seat was left down, the man grew suspicious that something was just not right, and that led to the discovery of an intruder passed out in the garage.

It seems the guy was just in the mood for a late-night snack. As you might have guessed, this uninvited guest was determined to be under the influence of some alcoholic beverages and some other drugs. As reported by MLive:

This was odd, the man told Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien, because he almost always leaves the seat up.  Sure enough, a 26-year-old man was later found passed out, face down in the man’s garage, AP reported.

The intruder also apparently helped himself to cookies, leaving a trail of crumbs for the man to find, and lounged around in the living room before passing out under a picnic table in the garage.  He appeared to be intoxicated and had taken prescription drugs from the home, police said.

As someone who was once robbed in college over fall break, I can tell you it just adds insult to injury knowing someone made their way to your residence and ate all your snacks. Leaving behind a trail of crumbs or wrappers is the ultimate diss. Not only did they break their way in, but they also ate your snacks and left you with nothing but the trash. Fortunately for this guy in Michigan, the intruder was caught passed out and didn’t make his way off with his computer and Nintendo 64.

All kidding aside, relying on the toilet seat cover is probably not the best solution to all of your home security concerns, but it worked out in this particular situation.


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