While some people have “liked” Twitter posts in order to locate a specific tweet for later, the company is going to streamline all that with a feature called “Bookmarks.”

Launched today via an update, you can only see what you saved for later within Bookmarks. And that helps because if you “like” a tweet just to read later, it may not exactly be an article that the user likes but wants to read anyway.

It’s not exactly a game changer and I would maybe suggest other features (edit button) before this but at least Bookmarks will make things more organized and is an improvement.

The most likely result of this feature will be that people will be able to save articles on Twitter so they can be read later. How you put a tweet in Bookmarks isn’t too difficult. In a tweet, tap the arrow button beside the like button, tap “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” And how you access your Bookmarks, tap your avatar in the top left corner of the screen and tap “Bookmarks.”

It’s certainly going to make things a bit more convenient on Twitter but will have users once again awaiting actual progress in the more serious aspects regarding users engaging in rampant abuse toward other users, seemingly showing that Twitter either doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to handle that. But if you shared a GIF or video from the Olympics, you know first hand that Twitter was on top of  copyright infringement.


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