Brent George ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a fascinating sport because it’s not as popular as other sports, but typically requires that players are in incredible shape and extremely athletic. In a way, it’s a mix between soccer and football, in that players are running around constantly and have to make ridiculous blocks, passes, dives, and catches.

All of this was on display Sunday during a game between the Los Angeles Aviators and San Jose Spiders of the American Ultimate Disc League (or AUDL for short).

Brent George of the LA Aviators is our player in question here, when he made a catch that defied gravity and is something that likely none of us could do:

Oh. My. God. That’s impressive. Just look at the thumbnail above and how high off the ground he is.

Anyway, this sent me down a rabbit hole and as a result I spent five minutes going through AUDL highlights on their Twitter page. Here are some of the other great catches I found:

George’s stands out, but these all are impressive. This might be a league to keep an eye on.

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