Here’s an absolutely absurd and dangerous skateboard trick.

Thrasher Magazine posted a video of skateboarder Dave Mull attempting to do what seemed impossible: Grind down the back of a basketball hoop stand. The margin for error is thin, as the grind is almost a direct drop with little bend. It’s a move that you’d probably struggle to pull off in a Tony Hawk video game.

Mull doesn’t land the trick right away. After struggling to get his skateboard to the top of the grind he attempts the move but falls hard multiple times. Skateboarders can be tough as Mull doesn’t even appear to slightly hurt by the fall, despite the fact it’s essentially a 10-foot drop. Frankly, he’s lucky he doesn’t break any bones.

Mull finally sticks the landing and grinds down the hoop, while successfully landing on the ground. It’s unbelievable he could pull off such a move considering it seemed to be impossible.

I wouldn’t recommend you try this one at home. Mull knew what he was doing and still barely landed the trick. Good on him for keeping on’ but I wouldn’t suggest he ever try it again.

[Terez Owens]

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