Horses and fast food would seemingly be a weird mix, but it’s been surprisingly popular.

First it was a man deciding to ride his horse through a Taco Bell drive-thru and then there was a British woman who tried to bring her horse inside after being refused service in the drive-thru.

Now comes a report that a different Texas man pulled up to the order counter insideyes, inside…a Taco Bell on horseback. And there’s video, captured on Instagram for the rest of the world to see:

Unlike the first Texas man to ride his horse up to Taco Bell, it appears this rather ballsy rodeo cowboy won’t face a fine or criminal charges unless someone from the Taco Bell pursues them.

As for why one would in their right mind want to ride a horse inside a Taco Bell, or for that matter any other fast food place, it apparently is something very common for Crump and his rodeo buddies.

“It’s just an everyday thing for us to do stuff like that,” the cowboy says. “It’s not really a big deal, but I guess everybody else don’t ever see nothing like that.” 

Okay, that’s ridiculous, and there’s no way people are riding horses into fast food joints all over Texas. We’re guessing it is only a matter of time before we also hear from the health inspectors on the matter. But, it’s doubtful Crump is going to care much, as he cares a lot for his horse.

“[He] travels around with me everywhere and every day and just hardly do anything without him,” said Crump. “Everybody got a big laugh about it. And it’s been blowing up big all over social media.”


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