America has the creepy clowns, Britain apparently has a lone white rabbit, or to be more specific, a man in a white rabbit costume.

On the first of every month, in the same spot in West London, he pops out of his hiding spot and waves hi to commuters standing by the river.

As you can see above, sometimes he wears other clothes in addition to being a weird rabbit on the side of the road (above you can see him doing the Richard Nixon double peace sign). Other times he brings props. That to me isn’t “terrifying,” as the Telegraph says some people on social media describe it. It’s just seems strange.

If one digs around on Facebook a bit, they’ll find a page called “I AM White Rabbit” (extra caps for emphasis) and his reason for existence is “spreading unconditional love,” which is a hard thing to do at 8 a.m. on the side of the river while everyone is groggy and driving to work. His philosophy is “just to be present, nothing else other than being.” Hard to do that once again when you’re a man in a rabbit costume on the side of the road.

Some video for you…

He doesn’t just hang out around Barnes Bridge, it turns out. He’s also shown up at a royal wedding in London, the Chinese Embassy, Tate Modern, and a festival in Oxfordshire. He’s also campaigned against the imprisonment of a Chinese artist. Such a thoughtful and sage rabbit is he.

The man dressing up as the rabbit is named Spike McLarrity who is a “live art durational performance artist,” whatever that means. “My work deals with my own autobiography,” he writes, adding that his appearances as the white rabbit aim to “find a new way to reach a different audience and to bring fine art and performance together.”

Creepy, inspirational, or just plain odd. You decide.


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