Wild turkeys, like this one seen outside the Stamford Advocate office on Aug. 22, are terrorizing people in the town.

Thanksgiving’s Revenge? That could be one potential title for a horror film based on this UPI story, about a New York town where numerous residents are staying inside thanks to…wild turkeys.

A group of wild turkeys have begun to terrorize a neighborhood in New York, forcing some residents to stay inside.

The wild turkeys first appeared in Stamford three years ago and City Representative Steven Kolenberg said two males have matured and laid claim to the area after residents decided to feed them.

“They’ve gotten very territorial and aggressive, and they love to chase people now,” he told WCBS radio.

Here’s a news report on the turkeys from WNBC4 in New York City:

Kolenberg told the Stamford Advocate that this is quite serious, and that they need to “harass them and push them out“:

“This is one of the stranger constituent complaints or issues I’ve gotten, but that doesn’t make it any less serious,” Kolenberg said. “These birds may come across as silly-looking, but they are very territorial, and if you feed them, they become aggressive.”

…“It’s a public safety issue at this point,” he said. “We need the community to come together, stop feeding the turkeys, and if they still continue to come around, we need to harass them and push them out and make it uncomfortable for these turkeys to be in our neighborhood.”

Particularly victimized? The mail carriers:

“From what I’ve been told, this has been happening to carriers all summer, and it’s just the mail carriers they’re chasing,” said Kevin Stewart, a postal service supervisor in Stamford. “Sometimes they’ve said people in the area have to come out and chase (the turkeys) out with a broom.”

It sounds like those feeding the birds should have gone cold turkey. And hey, if you want wild turkey, the whiskey might be a better option. The postal carriers might need it after facing these birds…


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