Some airlines will allow passengers to bring along a dog or cat to serve as emotional support during a flight, but some airlines are not quite so lenient when it comes to bringing animals on their flights. And there appears to be a line drawn when it comes to peacocks.

Despite having a second ticket for a flight to make room for her peacock, an unidentified woman claims the request to United Airlines to bring her fine-feathered companion along for the flight was denied. The denial reportedly came at Newark International Airport, according to travel talk show The Jet Set via Facebook.

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Posted by The Jet Set on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Opinions on whether United Airlines was right or wrong will vary, as you can imagine. As a passenger, would you want to be seated next to a peacock, even if it was across the aisle? Some will come to the defense of the woman and feel she should have been allowed to bring her peacock along for emotional support just as some other passenger may be able to bring a dog or cat along with them. Others will applaud the airline for not allowing the peacock on the plane, perhaps out of courtesy for the other passengers. From a business perspective, it is better to have 99% of the passengers happy with you than face any negative criticism over one passenger who may feel slighted by the decision, even if that decision goes viral.

It is unknown at this time if the woman reached her final destination with her peacock. If she did reach her destination, was she able to do so with her peacock by her side or did the peacock have to be stored away elsewhere on the plane?

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