Many people love Taco Bell and I’m sure some of them would live in a Taco Bell if they were given the opportunity. That’s what Airbnb is doing and giving someone a chance to live in a Taco Bell for a night.

Airbnb, the site that gives people the opportunity to rent out their homes and apartments for others, and a Taco Bell restaurant in Ontario, is randomly choosing someone, along with three others, to stay in that Taco Bell for the night of October 17 to celebrate the launch of the Steak Doubledilla and eat as much Taco Bell as they want.

Now, if you have ever been to Taco Bell, you will notice that not many of them look as though they have the room to have four people stay overnight. Also, at least for the Taco Bell’s near where I live, there aren’t too many Taco Bells that someone would even want to stay overnight. But this Taco Bell looks nice. It has a modern look and also comes with TV, wifi, video games and a Taco Bell butler to serve you your food all night.

While this is great for someone who loves Taco Bell, and I know you are looking to sign up already, this is only open for Canadians. Sorry to those who live nearby in Detroit but this is only open for our neighbors in the north. So… hint hint Taco Bell, have something like this in the United States.


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