Shourav Dasari Spelling Bee

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is almost always a fantastic event. A bunch of brilliant young kids compete their hearts out to win the title and are more often than not devastated when they lose.

If they’re lucky enough, some of the contestants get a couple words right during the ESPN national broadcast and are PUMPED to get them right. Some of them even react with more excitement than some professional athletes do when they win a game.

Shourav Dasari is a perfect example of that. The 8th grader from Spring, Texas didn’t win the event Thursday night, but he was definitely the best performer.

Right after he finished spelling “mogollon,” which by the way is a prehistoric American Indian people from eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, Dasari knew he got it correct. In fact, the eighth grader didn’t even give the judges time to tell him he got it right because he just knew it.

Dasari’s reaction showed it too.

What. A. Boss.

Dasari ended up spelling 10 words in a row correctly before he was eliminated on “struldbrug,” which is a group of imaginary people who can’t die, but are declared dead by law at the age of 80 and “live on wretchedly at state expense.”

After Dasari’s reaction to spelling “mogollon” right, people went nuts on Twitter.

Well done, Shourav.

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