Is it just me or does it seem like baldness has seen the most progress in terms of finding a cure. I mean, it’s strange that seems to be getting closer and closer for a cure for that than something like cancer but it’s probably way easier to find a potential baldness cure.

Anyway, there is a potential cure to baldness and it’s from a tasty and unlikely source. Scientists from Yokohama National University discovered that there’s a chemical in the oil used to make McDonald’s fries that grew hair on mice.

Called dimethylpolysiloxane (say that ten times fast), it’s a silicone chemical that is put in the cooking oil that the fries are made in. Researchers were able to take that and put it into a chip to inject in hairless mice. Later, they found small black hairs growing on those mice where that chip was implanted.

There’s still a long way to go when it comes to figuring out if humans can benefit but researchers are confident. While it would likely be the dream of some bald people to eat nothing but McDonald’s fries to grow your hair back, I’m sure it’s not that simple. You probably need a larger concentration of dimethylpolysiloxane to have any sort of noticeable effect and there definitely needs to be additional trials to figure if this does have an effect on humans. Not to mention, finding a different method of putting dimethylpolysiloxane in a human that isn’t injecting a chip in someone’s head. As much as some people wish they weren’t bald anymore, injecting anything close to the brain is a rather delicate procedure.

[MSN/Newsweek/Photo: McDonald’s]


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