A youth football team tried to take the field by running through a sign. While the enthusiasm was there, the execution was not.

Bloopers on the football field happen in different ways but as a rule of thumb, they happen during the games — even when non-players are involved. There are exceptions to every rule, however, as one youth team recently found out in the moments before a game.

As the team was taking the field, they were set to run through a sign being held up by the cheerleaders — something we see at pretty much every high school football game on Friday nights during the fall. Only, there was a slight miscommunication. Some members of the team tried to run through the sign conventionally. Others decided to take the long route, running around the sign and past the cheerleaders before heading back through it.

The result was hilarious.

Several people in the football world had funny reactions to this blooper.

We can appreciate the spirit of these youngsters. that’s for sure. Every one of them seemed excited to run right through that sign. And the most important step to do something well is desire to get it right. These kids clearly have that.

Unfortunately, more practice is clearly required for this fancy pregame ritual to be perfected. Fortunately, there’s still time.

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