The 16th hole at Augusta has provided some memorable moments over the years. Kevin Na experienced one of those on Saturday at the Masters, though he won’t likely remember it with much fondness.

Things started well enough for Na. His tee shot didn’t land particularly close to the hole but it was on the green. Na’s lag putt left with a makeable par putt. At worst, he’d walk away with a bogey. Not ideal but it happens to everyone. It didn’t work out that way.

One of 16’s great features is a multi-tiered green. When the hole is cut in its traditional Sunday location at the bottom of the slope, one of the popular plays is to hit a ball to the top of the slope and let gravity do the rest. Tiger Woods hit one of the greatest shots in tournament history doing just that. We’ve seen other golfers hit aces on Sunday doing that. That’s what Na did with his birdie putt. There was only one problem — this did not come on Sunday.

No, the Saturday location is on top of the hill. Na’s par putt went by the hole, caught the slope and kept going — for a long time. He didn’t make the long bogey putt or even the double-bogey putt after it, either.

This isn’t Na’s first journey down this kind of road. In 2011, he set a tour record by making a 16 on a hole.

Fortunately, even in that moment, he seemed to maintain a good sense of humor about it.

If there’s any saving grave for Na, it’s this. If his tee shot on Sunday lands in the same spot where his par putt was struck from, he already has pretty good practice for the putt he’ll need to hit.

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