Jessica Hadwin, the wife of Adam Hadwin, provided a hilarious update after her husband was tackled while celebrating Nick Taylor's win. Jun 10, 2023; Toronto, ON, CAN; Adam Hadwin plays a tee shot on the 12th hole during the third round of the RBC Canadian Open golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Golfer Adam Hadwin was tackled on the green while trying to celebrate fellow Canadian Nick Taylor’s win at the RBC Canadian Open, the first time a Canadian has won that event in nearly 70 years. Not long after the tackle, Jessica Hadwin, Adam’s wife, provided an update on her husband’s condition.

And given how bizarre the incident was, the update is fitting. Hadwin’s reaction to getting tackled was, in the words of his wife, “In true Canadian form.”

When the video of the tackle was posted online, Jessica Hadwin quote tweeted it with a “Get my lawyer on the phone” gif.

That was her last update on Twitter for a little more than an hour. Finally, she provided an update.

“Sorry to leave y’all hanging, had to get the toddler ready for bed,” Mrs. Hadwin tweeted. “I’m thrilled to report that @ahadwingolf is still among the land of the living and in true Canadian form, apologized to the security guard for being tackled.”

As was the case when the video of Hadwin getting tackled went viral, people found a lot of humor in the update.

Meanwhile, Adam’s first tweet after the incident, much like the intended celebration, was all about honoring Taylor’s thrilling win.

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