Bryson DeChambeau

It’s a good thing that star golfer Bryson DeChambeau has made a fine career as a professional golfer because based on his recent antics, it’s clear that he would not have made it in Hollywood as an actor.

During the final round of this weekend’s LIV Golf’s Chicago Invitational, DeChambeau was trying to cut through the gallery and walk to his ball after nearly holing his second shot on the par-4 14th hole, but he got in a small battle with the dividing rope.

DeChambeau tried to go under the rope, but apparently, he wasn’t able to bend far enough. Instead, he walked straight into it, hilariously clotheslining himself in front of a massive audience and television cameras.

To make matters worse, DeChambeau did not handle the situation well at all. The star golfer kneeled down on the ground as if he were in serious pain and was visibly frustrated, snatching aggressively snatching a towel that was offered to him.

It was a lot of theatrics from DeChambeau, and nobody seemed to be buying it. Instead, the golf world blasted him for the dramatic and pitiful performance.

He’s got the whole golf thing down. Maybe he should try acting lessons next.

[Bunkie Perkins]