Golf content king Bryson DeChambeau made some more news today.

Thankfully, for once, it is fairly without controversy: DeChambeau announced on Instagram that he’s going to be taking part in a pro long-drive championship in October.


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Bryson’s caption:

“I recently got invited to The Professional Long Driver’s Association World Championship in Mesquite Nevada September 27th- October 1rst @prolongdrive. This is an amazing opportunity to grow the game and the sport in general! I want to show the world how incredibly talented and hard working these athletes are. Ive been working hard to get my game up to their speeds so I have a chance but will still continue to play my best golf with my regular day job.. If yall want to hit against the best long drivers in the world and me, go to”

DeChambeau is certainly a huge driver of the ball, even by PGA Tour standards, but the long drive guys are absolutely insane. DeChambeau will be heading to the event fresh off the Ryder Cup in Wisconsin, too, so it’s not like he’ll have a ton of time to prepare for a more specialized event.

Still, it’s great exposure for a different type of golf. There’s no denying that Bryson can bring attention wherever he goes, and seeing him just going all out after drives is probably the one way that even Bryson detractors can appreciate him.

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