Hall of Fame forward and current NBA analyst Charles Barkley has long been known to be an avid fan of golf, but it appears that he now wants to pursue a role in the world of golf.

To the dismay of many golf fans, it seems like it won’t be with the PGA Tour, and instead would be with LIV Golf in some capacity.

He discussed the possibility while on The Next Round for an interview on Thursday and said that he would meet with Greg Norman about possibly being “a face” for LIV Golf’s media team.

“I’m going to meet with LIV,” Barkley said. “They called me and asked me ‘would I meet with them?’ And I said yes. Nothing that’s imminent, I actually don’t know everything they want from me, or what they technically want me to do, but you’ve got to always look at every opportunity that’s available. So the answer to your question is, 100% yes, I’m going to meet with LIV.”

The golf world has some very mixed reactions to this statement by Barkley, but it would clearly be a huge get for LIV if they were able to get someone like Barkley on their media team.

Barkley has long been a supporter of LIV, saying that he “understands why golfers” are making the decision to join the controversial tour.

He also previously said that he would “kill a relative” for LIV money, so this isn’t exactly the most shocking news to hear that he will at least meet with Norman and see what they would offer him.

He would likely get offered a boatload of money to join LIV Golf, but the controversy surrounding the tour may give him more problems than it is worth.

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