Donald Trump appearing in a Club for Growth attack ad. Donald Trump appearing in a Club for Growth attack ad.

As Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf course prepares for a LIV Golf tournament this weekend, it seems that several members of the club are angry at him.

Club dues for members run as much as $350,000 and now apparently Donald Trump is also asking his members to pay $40 a ticket for this weekend’s golf tournament. And according to a report from Page 6, they aren’t happy about that.

Last year, they were able to get free tickets but things have changed. And in addition to having to pay for admission if they wish to watch the tournament, club members aren’t allowed to use the course or any of the facilities during the tournament.

“All the members are [furious]… They’re closing the course, the pool, the restaurant, and we pay a lot of money to use those,” a source told Page 6.

Trump has been very supportive of LIV Golf since the PGA Tour pulled their tournaments from his courses because of his controversial behavior.

$40 a ticket to see golfers like Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, and Bubba Watson play may not seem like a bad price to pay, all things considered, but for those who already pay $350,000 to be a part of Bedminster, it seems like it just felt like a slap in the face.

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