Have you ever been a fan of a team who were massive underdogs with no chance to win but yet brought it together to have a chance to win, have it fall short and you lose anyway? Would you rather be that underdog team who never had a chance and get blown out or have a chance just to fall short?

That kind of scenario sort of applies to Dustin Johnson this past weekend. Johnson dominated the PGA Tour Tournament of Champions but there was a shot that was so unexpectedly great that it’s almost more disappointing that it fell just short.

At the Par 4, 12th hole, Johnson teed off from 433 yards away. Johnson didn’t enter this trying to shoot an albatross but with a big tailwind and downhill fairway, Johnson’s ball carried and carried and carried toward the hole only for it to fall a yard short.

While I’m out on the course lucky that I can hit a 100+ yard strike, Dustin Johnson is out there drilling shots with Happy Gilmore distance. Although, Happy made the shot.

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