Sometimes it’s just not your day. That was exactly the case for Ernie Els in the opening round of the 2016 Masters, as he struggled immensely right out of the gate on the first hole.

Els was a two-foot putt away from finishing with a bogey to start the day. Getting a bogey would have been a tough start for Els, but he could have overcome it. Instead of just a bogey however, Els had a meltdown, missing the putt again and again until he finally sank it on the seventh try, giving him an ugly Sextuple Bogey.

According to ESPN Stats & Info Els is the first person ever to get a 10 score on the first hole at the Masters, as the previous highest score was eight. Els set a new standard of awfulness with his putting.

Only nine players have ever suffered a double-figure score at The Masters. Welcome to the club, Ernie.

It’s unlikely Els will be able to recover and compete for a top spot at the Masters following his record-breaking round. The distance between him and his fellow competitors is likely too much of an obstacle to overcome. Fortunately for Els, there’s always next year.


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