Well, here’s something you don’t see every day.

At the European Tour’s Volvo China Open, South African George Coetzee was in contention, and wound up finishing 8th. But this shot on Saturday is going to stand out the most from the weekend.

Going for the par 5 18th in two, Coetze tugged a fairway wood left, giving all the signs of a classic professional golf miss. The point. The belabored, and wholly too soft, yell of “fore!”, as though it’s beneath them. But, then, this happened:

That incredibly loud clang really makes the video; those golf suites must be built using NFL goalposts or something. And then, it bounces to short distance, taking the break softly, cozying up tight. He couldn’t have drawn it up any better.

It’s also a great example of the benefits pros get while playing these courses. Sure, overall, they’re playing setups that are much more difficult than your local course; they’re universally much longer, with very fast greens, and oftentimes thicker rough. But if you go out and try to reach a par 5 in two, pulling it way left in the process, you’re likely not going to get bailed out by a temporary structure just of the green. Rather, your ball is going to be miles off, potentially out of bounds.

This isn’t to say that your scores would translate to a tournament setup. That’s ridiculous. (Though the greens probably do roll truer than your local course, too.) But there are a few benefits to being a professional, and situations like this are one of them. Had Coetzee actually been in the suite, he could have taken a free drop as well, and as it’s a man-made structure, he’d have been entitled to drop to a point where it wasn’t between he and the hole.

Rarely do pros have benefits, so they should absolutely take advantage of them when they can.

But he definitely didn’t call bank.

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