Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has been a genius on the soccer pitch.

He definitely knows how to use a pitching wedge, too.

The Welsh football legend, known for his heroics with Tottenham and Real Madrid, is currently playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and he hit a ridiculous shot Thursday.

Truth be told, there was some luck involved. After getting a drop off a cart path near the green on the second hole, Bale actually hit the ball off the path, but it ricocheted onto the green and ended up within four feet of the hole. Although not pretty, it still takes great touch to pull off that shot.

Lest you think Bale’s shot there was a fluke, he’s been known for years for his golfing prowess, and he entered the Pebble Beach tournament with a handicap of 2. In fact, there were whispers during the final years of his career that he’d much rather be on a golf course than the pitch. Some critics even blamed his chronic back problems that cost him playing time on his decision to spend so much time on the golf course.

Bale is also a huge golf fan. He even has a replica of the iconic 17th hole at TPC at Sawgrass in his backyard.

Bale, 33, announced his retirement from soccer Jan. 9 after one season with the Los Angeles FC.

[PGA Tour, Photo Credit: Golf Channel]

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