PGA Tour Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

During the second round of the LPGA Tour’s U.S. Open on Thursday, LPGA Tour golfer Isi Gabsa accidentally had a bit of a Randy Johnson situation when one of her shots hit a bird, which appeared to kill it on the green.

Gabsa hit what appeared to be a nearly perfect shot on the notoriously difficult No. 12 hole at the tournament. But just as the ball fell toward the green, it struck a bird that was flying close to the ground. It was a direct hit on the bird, and it fell motionless on the ground, apparently dead.

Shortly after the shot struck the bird, someone who appeared to be a tournament organizer walked onto the green to investigate the situation. The person presumably determined that the bird was not alive and decided to pick it up and remove it from the green.

The good news for Gabsa is that the incident did not seem to affect her score as she was able to sink the following putt to make par on the hole. The bird’s fate, however, did not seem to be quite as positive as it seems by all accounts that the bird did not survive the incident.

[Dan Rapoport]