Apr 7, 2022; Augusta, Georgia, USA; Tiger Woods plays from the rough on the ninth hole during the first round of The Masters golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

There is no surer sign that Tiger Woods is back than hearing him drop a curse word following a shot at The Masters.

As many golf fans hoped this week, Woods is playing in the 2022 Masters Tournament and he’s had a solid start on Thursday, nearly hitting a hole-in-one on the sixth hole.

However, Tiger found himself in a bit of a jam on the ninth hole and needed to hit from out of the brush. While he was able to get the ball fairly close to the green, it wasn’t up to his particular standards and ESPN’s mic picked up Woods muttering “f*** off” as the ball slid down a hill.

All things equal, that’s a pretty amazing recovery that almost any other golfer would be happy with. Alas, this is also why he’s Tiger Woods. The standard that he holds himself to simply won’t allow for something like that.

Naturally, golf fans loved to hear the intensity and purple language from Tiger, which felt to them like the surest sign yet that Woods was indeed back in form.

Hopefully, Tiger is able to keep things close to the green for the rest of the day and avoid any further curse-laden shots. If that’s the case, he’ll head into Friday with a solid shot at making the cut and making the dreams of golf fans (and CBS executives) come true.


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