I am just now learning how to golf and I’m at the level where I’m trying to make contact with the ball every time. So I am far away from having the skill of a pro and the skill of someone who can get close to shooting a hole-in-one. But even I know that this might be the worst way to shoot a hole-in-one.

Edoardo Molinari was given 500 golf balls and 12 hours to shoot a hole-in-one. According to the European Tour, the odds of a pro for sinking an ace is about 1-in-2,500. For an average golfer, it’s 1-in-100,000. For someone like me, it’s probably 1-in-1,000,000.

Molinari’s first shot got within a few yards of the hole so confidence was high. But focusing on trying to accomplish something incredibly difficult makes it tougher to accomplish in a way. Golf is a mental game and you can seriously overthink and be worse. A hole-in-one seems to happen when you least expect it and not even think about getting an ace.

Things got really agonizing when Molinari’s shot was too perfect and bounced out of the hole on shot 153.

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