Graham DeLaet visited an office to yell random things at workers.

Golf takes a lot of concentration, and it must be pretty annoying for professional golfers to hear the repeated nonsensical shouts of nearby fans who think they’re being clever and finding ways to get on TV.

PGA Tour star Graham DeLaet decided to turn the tables this holidays, visiting an office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (a few hours from where he was born and grew up in Weyburn) to yell “Mashed potatoes,” “Canadian bacon” and more at office workers, with the whole thing caught on hidden cameras:

“If you’ve ever been to a golf tournament before, you’ve seen the guy who thinks he’s cooler than his buddies when he screams out ‘Baba-Booey!’ or ‘Mashed potatoes!’ or anything like that? Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if one day we went into their office and started screaming stuff like that?”

That’s pretty funny from DeLaet, and it even comes with several appropriately Canadian moments, from his red and black plaid to his “Honey cruller Timbits!” call motivating him to seek one out. The reactions are entertaining too, from the people who largely ignore him to the one guy who flips him off. He ends it with a musing that he still loves fans and is just having fun, too.

This is a nice way to cap off a successful year for DeLaet. He finished the 2017 season with six top-10 finishes and $1.6 million in official earnings, including a seventh-place finish at the PGA Championship, and he’s already won $250,000 in the first part of the 2018 season. Clearly, the “Mashed potatoes!” types haven’t been able to distract him too much. But maybe this will get some of them to think. After all, you probably don’t want someone screaming “Canadian bacon!” in your office…

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  1. The only possible reason I could imagine anyone paying more than 10 seconds to a game of golf would be to hear what ridiculous things are yelled by the gallery. Dude ought to be grateful people are attending at all.
    And Babooey to ya’all!!!

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