Heckler wins

No one likes hecklers. Even if you are the heckler, you should shut the hell up. People put enough pressure on themselves and don’t need onlookers to give them a hard time. As the Ryder Cup is set to begin, the intensity between the two countries is off the charts. Who says that a little fun can’t be had during some down time?

As Justin Rose was putting, a heckler was giving the English native grief for missing a putt. Henrik Stenson decided to challenge the heckler, and Rose offered up $100 for the heckler to try and make the same putt. The result is utterly outstanding.

I don’t think I would be so gracious after he makes the putt. Everyone was happy for the guy but he should have just kept it to himself. This is such a kooky moment and not often seen in sports.

The video doesn’t show it but I wonder if he ended up taking the $100 with him. I sure hope so.

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Sam is a self proclaimed chess prodigy. He once placed seventh in the state of Ohio in Chess when he was in kindergarten. He will rarely if ever mention though that only eight people were entered in this tournament. Contact him at sblaze17@gmail.com