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As more and more top golfers leave the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, those who haven’t made the jump have been constantly asked for their stance on the controversial Saudi-backed tour.

Top golfer Jon Rahm has remained adamant that “his heart is with” the PGA Tour, and that he is not interested in the format change or the backlash that comes with joining LIV.

Despite these previous comments, one Twitter user by the name of “LIV Golf Insider” posted on Wednesday that they had a source that was telling them Rahm was heading to LIV, something he has “never been wrong about.”

Unfortunately for this user, Rahm noticed the post and blasted him, outright denying the user and their source any credibility on the matter.

“I must inform you that you have started a losing streak because you and your source are wrong. I want to thank you for the lift in the PIP.”

Many PGA Tour fans took to social media to praise Rahm for staying loyal instead of jumping ship as many others have done.

In this post by Rahm, he mentions the “PIP,” which is the PGA’s Player Impact Program list that was created to financially reward players for their popularity and performance, and helps to keep up with all the money that LIV has been giving out to new players.

Players were told that their performance would play a factor in their position on the list, but Tiger Woods ended up atop the list in early 2022, which he’s likely to do again next year despite only playing in The Open Championship and The Masters this year.

It seems to be more of a reward based on players’ loyalty to the PGA Tour, but Rahm is just fine with that if his social media interaction is any indication.

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