Jon Rahm turned his hat around backward before a birdie putt. One of his fans did the same. Photo Credit: NBC A fan at The Open Championship turns his hat around moments after Jon Rahm did the same. Photo Credit: NBC

The rally cap has been part of baseball since the game was first played. A team needing a few runs will turn their hats backward or inside out. Fans of the team looking to do their part will often do the same. During the final round of The Open Championship on Sunday, Jon Rahm and one of his fans provided golf’s answer to the rally cap.

Rahm faced a short birdie putt on the fifth hole. The rain at Royal Liverpool was coming down hard, with some dripping off of the bill of Rahm’s cap as he was getting ready to putt. So, as golfers will sometimes do when that happens, Rahm stepped off of the putt and turned his hat around backward. He then re-addressed the ball and made his putt.

But while Rahm made a birdie, he wasn’t the star of the sequence. That title went to one of the spectators. Because as Rahm was standing over the putt, the cameras caught one of his fans, turning his own cap around.

Home viewers noticed and loved the dedication.

In a team sport, it’s usually pretty easy to tell who a given fan might be cheering. But in golf — a sport that doesn’t have uniforms — it can sometimes be hard to figure out who any given person might be pulling for.

That said, we feel confident in saying that this man was cheering for Rahm on Sunday.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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