Justin Thomas Jun 9, 2022; Etobicoke, Ontario, CAN; Justin Thomas reacts after missing a putt at the sixth hole during the first round of the RBC Canadian Open golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

LIV Golf has been the talk of the golf world over the past few months, with several notable PGA Tour golfers departing for the Saudi-backed tour.

Despite some pretty heavy controversy surrounding LIV Golf, it appears that more and more golfers are taking the big bucks and joining up.

This is clearly making an impact on current PGA Tour players, who are asked constantly if they are joining LIV Golf or have a comment on players who have decided to join.

Justin Thomas is one of the PGA Tour’s golfers and appears to be getting sick of answering questions about LIV Golf. He discussed the situation during an interview on Friday with Nick Piastowski of Golf.com and gave his brutally honest opinion on those who have jumped ship.

“It’s a lot to take on,” said Thomas on his role as a figurehead for the PGA Tour. “I go back and forth about how involved I should be, how involved I shouldn’t be, what I should say, what I shouldn’t say, what I want to say and what I know I can’t say and back and forth of all these different things.”

“I just wish one of them would have the balls to say I’m doing this for the money. Like, I personally would gain a lot more respect for that. But it’s just the more the players keep talking and saying that this is for the betterment of the game, the more agitated and irritated I get about it.”

Thomas had previously been far more accepting of those joining LIV Golf, saying that he respected those who decided to join LIV Golf last month.

His tune seems to have changed, and that is likely because of the sheer volume of questions that he is asked that are geared towards LIV Golf instead of his golf game at the moment.


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